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Happy birthday

msgenevieve you are an awesome lady!

For your birthday I baked a cake and ordered some cupcakes, because a little bird told me that you love them...

wish you a wonderful day! and a happy birthday!

*throws confetti and dances happily*

Saturday Night Fever

My favorite regional event in the fall season: The Museum Night! September 27th, 2008.

On Museum Night, 22 of Lausanne's museums, special collections and cultural projects keep their doors open until the early hours of the next morning.
Each museum and gallery stages special events for the occasion. There are also a lot of activities and workshops as well as special guided tours for the young ones.

Oh and look at our tickets:
For the adults

and for the children

Fancy, he?

I'm off now, have to watch Prison Break plan our Museum Night.

Happy birthday my dear flatlined

Happy Birthday to you Alice, aka flatlined

Wish you a wonderful day

*throws tiny heart confettis"

creative mood - cardboard furniture

Mon enfance a été bercée par le bruit de la machine à coudre de maman et je me souviens m'être endormie dans le panier contenant les pelotes de coton de ma grand-mère, occupée à crocheter une nappe ronde pour ses filles. J'ai appris à broder très tôt, puis à tricoter, crocheter, coudre. Quelle joie à l'école quand approchait l'heure des travaux manuels! J'ai appris à manier les ciseaux, la colle, puis, plus tard, la scie sauteuse, la perceuse et le pinceau.
Curieuse de nature, je voulais découvrir, depuis quelques mois, les meubles en carton et leur fabrication. Après des recherches sur internet et une visite à un atelier près de chez moi, je me lance... et voilà

et le détail du tiroir au pochoir, le motif se prolongeant sur le dessus du meuble.

La technique est simple, cependant il faut travailler de manière précise. Les possibilités sont infinies quand il s'agit de customiser l'objet ou le meuble et déjà mon esprit s'envole, dans un mélange de matières et de couleurs.

Bonne fin de semaine et à bientôt

Prison Break Season 4

under a cut just in case... though there is no real spoiler in itCollapse )
*is dead*
Just a last question: how many times did you watch it?

From strawberry to Prison Break

On my way back home yesterday, I stopped at a farm and gathered strawberries: 12 kilograms within 1 and a half hour; I was quite proud of myself! And today was strawberry day: I put some of them into the deep freeze and with the rest I made strawberry jam - plain, flavored with white chocolate and flavored with red chili. The kids had friends coming home after school, so I baked strawberry muffins. I also had enough time to prepare a strawberry mousse for my neighbor - it is her late birthday gift.
Why do I tell you this? Because the whole time, while "being with my strawberries", I have wondered whether Mrs Callies and Mr Miller love strawberries. LOL! Does it count as my contribution to the pbhiatus_fic?



Do you think that China is ready for 2008 Olympics?


Is it Swiss?

Whenever I look at a Baume et Mercier watch, I have this ad in my mind

Last Friday I had an interview for a new audit mandate and the - btw very handsome man had a Baume et Mercier... I kept smiling the whole time, I am not sure I will get the job....

ETA: Yeah, I have the job. And I keep smiling.


Just for my new friend burntcircles, because it is her birthday today and she deserves to be spoiled.

My dear Nona, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a wonderful day.

J'attendais de la voir pour y croire vraiment. Elle est bien là, belle, rayonnante.

Et juste parce que je peux

Les garçons ont l'air heureux de retrouver leur muse....oh mon imagination s'emballe...